Guide to Accessing the Video on your iPhone

Okay. So you've bought one of my Videos on your iPhone and you're not sure how to access it?

Well, have no fear! My guide to accessing your ZIP file is here!

Below is the guide to accessing the video file on your iPhone.


In your order email that contains the download link - tap on it.

A page will open in your browser with the heading 'File Download'. If you bought the video only, then the product will be there. But if you bought the video plus preset pack, then there will be two products visible - the preset ZIP file and then the video file below it.

(If you're unsure how to access the preset ZIP file on your iPhone, please CLICK HERE).

To access the video, you can do one of two things:


Tap on the video file and stream. This will take you through to the streaming page. Then just press play and watch! You MUST be connected to the internet in order to stream it.

Do not tap on any button that says 'Download'. This video file will not save on your device!

(You can only save the video on your desktop computer or laptop).


If you have a working Dropbox account with the app and enough storage space on your iPhone, then go ahead and tap on 'Save to Dropbox'.

A new page will open up in your browser. Sign into your Dropbox account if needed.

On the bottom of your Dropbox page in your browser, a light blue highlighted strip with '2 selected' and 'Save to Dropbox' written and also a bright blue 'Save' button. Tap that 'Save' button.

It'll take you back to the 'File' Download' page and an active loading icon will appear over the 'Save to Dropbox' button. Wait till it disappears and replaced with the Dropbox box icon.

It means your files are ready! So go to your Dropbox app - and your video should be there either on your 'Home' page or your 'Files' page of your account.

Tap on the video file. Hit the play button to watch. To save the video, tap on the three little dots icon on the top right corner. Options will slide up from the bottom - then just tap on 'Export' then a new slide will appear and tap on 'Save Video'

Wait for it to export. When it's done, it'll save the video onto your camera roll.

Et voila!

As it's a large 1GB file, it might take a few minutes depending on your internet and data.


Should you have any questions please get in touch on

All the best and enjoy!