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You asked for it—you got it! My signature colour tone now available!

Step up your Insta game and get a hold of my colour tone that I use to create consistently stunning imagery with my new Lightroom Preset for Mobile featuring my signature colour tone - Cocoa!

Cocoa is my absolute favourite and go-to colour tone. It's sophisticated and works brilliantly with any image, creating a warm, moody look with rich, dark brown shadows, nude midtones and creamy highlights.

My colour grading style will add instant drama and richness to your photos without degradation. I'm all about rich imagery and keeping it looking pro! This Lightroom Preset is non-destructive and fully-customisable. It will add instant drama and richness to your photos without degradation. I’m all about rich imagery and keeping it looking pro!

Not many people are aware of this but I love post-production and I edit all the images you see on my blog and social pages! I am self-taught and have spent years developing and perfecting my edits – and now you can see how I achieve them!

Please read the below before purchasing. Thank you!

This is NOT an app or a program. This product contains one Lightroom Preset for Mobile in Cocoa and one PDF Guide. This product is intended for those familiar with the use of a smartphone, (computer or laptop also helps) and basic to intermediate level experience with the Premium version of the Lightroom CC App (Adobe Creative Cloud subscription helps). Please read the Terms and Conditions for more info and prior to finalising all purchases as there is no refund.


  • This product will only make sense if you have experience editing a photo on a smartphone with (Premium) Lightroom CC.
  • Individual results may vary when using any of my products or techniques as they will depend on camera, settings, lighting, colours, file type, computer and operating system, program version, and your own technique.
  • Upon purchasing, you will automatically receive an email to your nominated email address with a download link. For security purposes, please ensure you download your file immediately as the link will expire within 24 hours and cannot be re-issued.
  • If you have any questions, if you do not receive your email or have any issue retrieving your file, please email ASAP so we can assist.
  • This is a digital product - it is intangible - therefore cannot be returned, so all sales are final and unfortunately non-refundable.
  • Any transmission, resale, display or distribution of this product or any parts of it is strictly prohibited and offenders will be identified and dealt with accordingly.
  • We disclaim any liability of any nature whatsoever arising from or related to the sale and/or use of this product.
  • By ticking the box ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ on the checkout page, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the terms, conditions and disclaimer.

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